GEOSEC supports the protection of your mission critical business assets by providing risk consulting and investigative services. We will identify and prioritize asset risks and threats to an organization and develop programs to mitigate or eliminate those risks. We protect the availability, integrity, and confidentially of your business information and assets. We minimize the risk of business interruptions and maximize your ability to recover from incidents. We provide documented proof that your management is excercising its legal obligations of due diligence in the protection of organizational assets.

GEOSEC's Security and Availability Practice:

  • Provide professional security services in investigations and business security management.
  • Provide Integrated Security and Investigations Practices staffed with former Special Agents of the FBI and experienced security consultants
  • Provide practical, time-tested and cost-effective security solutions to ensure protection of business assets.
  • Team with business clients to effectively integrate real-world security solutions into everyday business.
  • Provide practical, time-tested and cost-effective security solutions in the protection of your business assets.
  • Help our business partners realize their vision for a secured business environment.
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